Shaolin Xi Sui Jing · 洗髓经 · Bone Marrow Cleansing

Xi Sui Jing is a method to cultivate internal perception and stagnant free circulation of “Qi”. It is an advanced Qi Gong practice aiming in the replenishment and stimulation of most subtle aspects within the human body. It’s purpose on a a physical layer is longevity, it’s metaphysical aspect aims in the cultivation of 神.

Here are a few tips for your own practice:
➡️ Focus the mind: Learn to concentrate your intent!
➡️ Calm the heart: Harmonize your heart / mind and breath.
➡️ Learn to release mental and physical blockages

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Shi Heng Yi belongs to the 35th Generation of Shaolin Masters and is the headmaster of the Shaolin Temple Europe 歐洲少林寺 located in Germany.