The word principles. Let’s define it. Principle comes from the Latin noun Principia. Principia means first foremost, leading chief or most necessary. It is that which matters most. It is the first things that must be understood before anything else can be understood. Principles have to come first. I’m attempting to take this information out of hiding.

It’s been hidden. The hiding of it is destroying the fabric of our society and putting us into bondage. It needs to come out and be non-hidden, needs to be unveiled and shared widely and freely with anybody who’s capable of accepting it and comprehending it now. And this is the problem. Our society does not put principles first.

It puts trivialities first and we’re no longer a society that even cares about principles or first things. So first things first, first things or principles have to come first. These are the seven general principles of natural law. Many people who have studied some variance of occultism may recognize these as what are known as the hermetic principles. There is a moral obligation to bring this information to the public now.

The principle of mentalism states that the all, everything in creation is actually a manifestation of mind, the always mind. What this means is everything that happens has to be a result of a mental state, which preceded it. Everything. For anything to exist, thoughts had to form first and then they formed the physical reality after.

The universe itself is a mental construct of the Creator. Thoughts lead to the manifestation of things and events. Thoughts create conditions. Thoughts create things and conditions. They cannot just magically manifest themselves. Thought comes first. Thoughts create our state of existence and the quality of our experience here on earth, ultimately.

Therefore we should be responsible for everything that we create by being responsible for that which we think. Because the thought processes are what are driving the behaviors. People behave the way they do because they have certain belief systems embedded in the mind. And running like a program, their thoughts and their emotions are driving their actions.

So the behavior’s not magically suddenly gonna just change. The thoughts and emotions have to change because they’re the driving force behind the behavior. That’s when reality will change. See, people don’t want to hear that once again. They don’t want to hear, if you want to change reality, you yourself have to change the way you think, because the way you think is not conducive to the requirements for getting what you say you want. They’re doing the exact opposite of that in many cases. So that’s the principle of mentalism.

The principle of correspondence states that, that which is above is similar or like to, that which is below. So what this means is, that which is below is like to that which is above, it’s a mirror. The above is like the below, the below is like the above. All right.

The above in this case is the macrocosm. The laws of the very large things. The laws that govern the creation which we consider is seemingly outside of ourselves. So the macrocosm were the very large, the totality of everything and the microcosm, which is the very small were the individuated units that comprise the whole in their aggregate.

They are reflections of each other. They cannot be separated from each other. As one goes, the other goes. The universe is actually a holographic system. It’s hologram is an image. You pass a laser through it and it then projects a 3D image. It’s like a flat image and it projects a three dimensional image. But the aspect, why they call it a hollow like holistic hologram, holistic image is, if you break a hologram into multiple components by cutting it.

So if I take a hologram and I cut it in four pieces, you don’t have a quarter of the image on one part of the hologram and a quarter on the other and a quarter on the third and a quarter on the fourth. You have four whole images that only lose their resolution by a quarter. So everything is contained in all the smaller parts.

That’s like the reality that we’re living in. Our universe is a holographic one. So the universe is inside the individual. And the entire universe is like an individual, the reflections of each other. The other part of the principle of correspondence is that our reality is also fractal in nature.

Now, if you studied fractals, these are self-similar mathematical generated patterns. We see this through things like Fibonacci sequence in mathematics, and this is repeated endlessly throughout nature. You look at the structure of the atom and it’s similar to the structure of the solar system, which is similar to the structure of the galaxy.

They work the same way, they look the same. You pull back enough, you’ll keep seeing the same pattern repeat. So, the universe is both holographic, meaning that the hole is contained in the parts and vice versa, and it is fractal or self-similar across all scales of its existence. That’s the principle of correspondence.

The principle of vibration simply states that there is no such thing as rest, as dead or non motion. Death in that sense is an illusion because true death would be the cessation of all motion and energy. There is no such thing. It doesn’t exist. You cannot go anywhere in creation where something is at complete rest.

Everything moves, everything vibrates. And at the most fundamental level, the universe and every single thing which comprises it, is ultimately pure vibratory energy that is manifesting itself in different ways, different frequencies, different vibratory forms. The universe has no true solidity as such as we imagine solidity at the macrocosmic level.

Matter is merely energy in a state of vibration. So nothing is truly solid. Again, like we say, we are spirit having a human experience. Whole universe is spiritual, having a experience in solidity. That’s how you have to look at the principle of vibration.

The principle of polarity states that everything has a dual nature to it. There are polarities in everything that exists. Everything has poles. Everything has its pair of opposites. However, opposites are identical in nature but they’re different in degree. So let me give you an example of what that means.

Are hot and cold really opposites? Or, can we simply look at them as the presence of heat energy or the absence of heat energy? Meaning that they’re the same thing. Energy. And whether it’s concentrated in a specific area which would make it hot, or whether it’s absent from a specific area which would make it cold.

That’s what hot and cold are, at the fundamental level. At our level of perception, they’re opposites but at the fundamental level, they’re the same thing. Energy or lack thereof. Extremes can meet and blend and play with each other, like as depicted in the yin yang symbol. Masculine and feminine, they need to be blended.

And at some level of reality, everything that is seemingly contradictory may be reconciled. Now again, I stress the term, at some level. At the unified field level, everything is consciousness, pure consciousness. However, at this level, there are differences in consciousness. At this level, there are things that are taking place that we need to understand. At this level, there are things that we need to set right and rectify, because it does matter. It does matter.

So again, be careful with some of the new ageisms that get put out there. Yes, can all paradoxes be reconciled? At some level. In this realm, we need to have our feet on the ground, in the physical domain.

Let’s look at the principle of rhythm. Everything flows out and in, everything has its tides, all things rise and fall. So, everything has a rhythm to it or a swing to. There’s tendencies that exist in energy. The pendulum swing manifests in everything that we undergo, everything that we perceive. The measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left. It’s just an opposite. It’s perceived as an opposite.

Rhythm will compensate. Now, how this should be understood when we are talking about natural law, is many people will say – Well, that’s just the way the tendency is moving us. It’s just the way the tide is taking us. But that’s not really accurate.

We can’t look at these things as that the rhythms are set in stone and it has to be this way now. One of the things that a lot of the hermetic tradition taught regarding these laws, these principles where they can be overcome by higher levels of consciousness. This one was one of them.

Rhythm is a principle that is a tendency for something to swing a certain way. Let’s look at it as you have a boat. You wanna row the boat out to sea, right? You have to get past the tide. You have to get past the breakers and the waves. And if that tide’s really strong at high tide, it’s gonna be very much more difficult. You’re gonna have to expend more energy to get it out to sea. If however, you were taking it when the current’s moving out to sea, there’s a flow that’s moving outward deeper into the ocean and you start rowing that boat then, you’re gonna be able to do it much more easily.

So if there’s winds pushing along a plane, it’s going to have to expend less energy. It’s gonna get there more quickly because it’s adding to the energy. If however, you’re flying against the wind, you got to expend a lot more energy. It’s just a tendency. You can still get to where you want to go. You may just have to exert more effort. So that’s the principle of rhythm.

This is the principle here in natural law that most fits in with how I’m using the term natural law today Cause and effect. Many people again in the new age community don’t want to believe that there’s causes and effects and that effects are driven by causes that come first and then manifest conditions. So the principle of cause and effects simply states that every cause has its effect and every effect has its cause.

Every single thing that occurs, happens according to law. Chance is a name for a law not recognized. There are many planes of causation but nothing escapes the law. So again, is there free will? Yes, there is free will. But is there free will to ignore law without consequence? No, there is not. That’s the limit of free will.

Free will is operating within boundary conditions that I’m referring to as natural law. It’s a series of laws actually. Free will operates within these parameters or boundary conditions that cannot be exceeded or gone beyond without consequence. Oh yeah. You can break natural law. Yes, you can break it but you cannot break it without consequence.

You cannot break it without consequence, negative consequence. And that’s why this body of knowledge has in the past been referred to as consequentialism. It is the knowledge of how consequences are generated by our free will decision making processes within the boundaries of natural law.

Will the effect happen immediately? No, it will not happen immediately. There is a time lag. You set the cause into motion, the universe is going to intelligently bring to you through a rearrangement of all the dynamics that it needs to rearrange, the effect of what you’ve generated by setting that cause into motion.

And there is a time gap between the cause going into place and the effect coming around and hitting you. This is why the pattern recognition of cause and effect is more difficult. Because it is separated by a time lag by what we perceive as linear time. Now, if you did wrong to somebody and immediately you were stung by a wasp. Every single time you did wrong to somebody, it showed up and bit you immediately within two seconds of you hurting somebody, stealing from somebody, lying to somebody, etc. Would you start to connect the stinging to the wrong that you did? I think most people would see the pattern. They would recognize the pattern.

But since that doesn’t happen and there’s a time lag to experiencing something harmful to ourselves once we do something harmful to other people, it’s very difficult for people to see the connection through the time lag. So this is ultimately gonna come back and bite us and what we set into motion is gonna actually topple over onto us if we don’t change our thoughts, emotions and behaviors. The next thing that needs to be understood is the two planes.

There’s the Plane of Effects. And then there’s the Plane of Causes. No power to affect any change lies on the plane of effects, which is the physical manifested reality. Again, what already is, nothing can be done about. What already is, you cannot change. You cannot change the past. You can change what it is starting now and make sure that it gets changed in the future.

But right now, what is, is the truth. And all you can do is accept that or reject it. You can’t change the past. So the physical world that has manifested up to this point happened because of things that occurred in the past, the causes happened in the past. Nothing you can do about that right now.

The Plane of Effects or the physical world is where manifested realities have already occurred, have already taken shape, have already formed due to their underlying causal factors. The Plane of Effects constitutes that which has already occurred. As such, no power to affect change lies here because that which has already occurred cannot un-occur. That which has occurred can’t undo itself. It happened. It’s already done.

It has become that which is or truth. Human consciousness seems to be trapped upon the Plane of Effects, meaning that humanity as a whole remains ignorant of the underlying causes, which they themselves have set into motion and which lead to self-inflicted suffering in their lives. So if you’re trapped at this level, what you’re doing is you’re looking at the symptoms and you’re stuck looking at the symptoms.

So let’s look at the Plane of Causality. This is the other plane. This is the mental realm, the mental world. Again, according to law of mentalism the first principle of natural law. Everything that manifests must first manifest in mind before it can manifest physically. So again, if the Plane of Causality is the mental world that’s generating the causes in mind, everything is happening there first. And then it is trickling down to the physical domain. It is manifesting in the physical domain only after it has manifested in the mental world. The Plane of Causality is where causes are set into motion prior to those causes manifesting as formed realities in the Plane of Effects.

The final principle of the seven principles of natural law, at least the formalized ones, is gender. Gender exists in everything. Everything has its masculine and its feminine components or principles. We’ve already seen that when it comes to the human brain, consciousness, worldview, et cetera. Gender manifests on all Plains of existence, spiritual, mental, physical, everything.

Very simple concept. What I want to briefly talk about is mental gender. Mental gender is the state of coexistence between the masculine and feminine aspects of the mind. Our left brain hemisphere largely facilitates the masculine aspects of the mind where the intellect, logic, analytical thought, linear thought processes while the right brain hemisphere largely facilitates the feminine aspect or intuition, meaning creativity, compassion, and holistic thought process.